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The Perfectionist

  The Perfectionist This blog – Perfectionism – is a trait I believe I have held, forever? Even that question mark itself challenges that statement. What backs it up, is that I have been intending to write this for some time, yet procrastination suggests that maybe I am right. Head scratching? Here’s another thing in support of my unproven self-claim (of perfectionist). After speaking to someone on a weekend (in October 2021), I thought I must do it! My personal blog carries no ‘musts’ with it. Anyway, after the conversation I have acted (finally on putting pen to paper – but – I had to do/follow my research routine of subject/topic before any words are formed). That has been a good thing. Maybe I am NOT as much of perfectionist a s I thought after all. This paragraph is from Dundee university (that researching…):   Ø   The 'perfect human' is as appealing and mythical a concept as the unicorn. Many of our greatest endeavours are indeed accomplished while strivi

Local Footpath stagger!

  Lady Smith’s Seghill Stumble   Having been effectively avoiding the sun for some time (as of the end of June 2021), and with that walking too, I happily broke that seal, and lived a bit of history in the process! A public footpath, that friends and I used to use, for dogs and other reasons back in the day, was my chosen route. Apart from some nettle stings, I enjoyed it more than I’d been hoping to! And I will do again. Walk there, that is. “Ooooh, a walk. Whoopie-do.” You may think. We know of my challenges with regards to said basic activity of controlled falling – walking – in that it is not always one’s friend. If you do not know of the challenges, try out living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for size! This a happy feeling blog, so I’ll leave MS to the side for now ( much more about that elsewhere here anyway , and that isn’t sad by the way). Seghill . The village I grew up in from the age of umm, err, 8(ish), in the south east of Northumberland for 10 years bef

New (not so new) Year Resolution 20XX

NYR 20XX I am not a ‘New Year Resolution’ (NYR) believer. Sick of minor heart-felt , common , and false, ‘beliefs’ just being said to say something across the years. ·        Job ·        Gym more ·        Get a lass When realistically, although they were true, to a broken / fractured mindset, the intent was hardly in line with the bollocks of a NYR! Firstly, the JOB . Well, as someone with I STILL BELIEVE a thoroughly paramount WORKING ETHIC and attitude; I can honestly say, that I have tried beyond belief. Now, my acceptance is that that has had to have changed due to medical reasons . Meh. Such is life. The GYM! Never a gym bunny to quote a phrase, I did attend a gym whenever I could within reason. Miami dreams? No! Fitness in-line with MS , yes. And age now a factor 😂 . COVID a different factor now anyway too! Singleton. 43 and single. No “aw”s there – not my search (no pun intended either), far from! – I know these days especially, that is not unusual. Hey, I’m a

Life ‘persona’ acceptance.

Life ‘persona’ acceptance. After receiving some excellent counselling with Pete , it has helped me massively realise some of my ‘framework personality’; whatever the hell that is (I made it up), just sounded like a fitting’ish thing! Well, adding to that ( above ) mud paragraph ( as clear as... ), I’ll share a social media status update, from the day following recent a recent session with Pete: Facebook status 04/02/21:        ”Maybe this counselling is starting to have notable positive effects on me. Could be the red wine last night; it'd been a while! Honest! Acceptance, and possibly an/my identity finally found, I think. Before any judgement.... Introvert. A type of an introvert. Makes so much sense to me. People have described me as 'quiet' in certain places & situations, which internally I refuted. I am not that bloody quiet, I know. Therewith lies the 'however'. More to follow when I find the volume controls!” I have always been that ‘n

Dog Dreams

  Dog dreams   Firstly, I will say that I am an animal lover. Lush Jack Russell! As is it, at time of writing (end of January 2021), now approximately (within literally hours) 15 years since I have returned back to the north east of England – home – having left employment in the west midlands then and by choice. Here’s the blog co nnection. 15 years is quite a long time for anyone at any stage of life. Still unsure? That’s how I roll! 15 years living by myself. Clearer? I’ll drop a word in with that. Loneliness. I have NOT been lonely for 15 years! Amazing family and friends. However. At 43 years of age, single, not working due to medical reasons, bla bla MS bla COVID-19 bla I know. I am once again seeing a counsellor BY CHOICE; and he suggested knowing as I have said in conversation, that as I am dog lover (I am) that I consider getting a dog! Now this 10 below, are from , more details about each benefit of dog ownership on that site. I have read and