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Orbital Optical Delusion

Orbital Optical Delusion As soon as I saw that Orbital were releasing another album I had to pre-order as soon as possible. That was last year (2022). Cometh the day, the hour, 17th February 2023; cometh their 10th album! It dropped through my letter box - CD, and actually a day early! - so  listening sessions were planned. I scribbled some notes per tune in my journalistic fashion - ahem - that I have left as they are. Basic. Ringa Ringa Beautiful and haunting ghostly voice, layered on bouncy Orbital sounds that pull and stretch you. Freddie's coming to get you! Lured in 👏 Day One Another featuring a different, but equally stunning haunting voice. This time obviously balanced with the actual tune stabs, giving a well rounded dark hitter! A void will suck you in. Are You Alive The vocal! Lush. No haunting in it, but with the mid-range it's thoroughly gripping. The break in the beat - attention deepen-er - then your back into the journey, as the voice gets an element of lost in

Newly Diagnosed MS Presentation 2023

Newly Diagnosed MS Presentation 2023 In June 2023 I was asked by the Multiple Sclerosis Society if I could assist with an event for some people recently diagnosed with #MS. I was asked to give an approximate 10 minute presentation as someone with MS to talk about my experience of being diagnosed and life since diagnosis – have to say, it needed to be realistic but upbeat too! I happily accepted! The event was at the Grand Hotel, Gosforth, Newcastle, 15th July.  See the running order below, followed by the speech I wrote and gave:   The running order was:   10.15 for 10.30 start – welcome 10.45                  Gill, MS specialist nurse, RVI on the role of the MS nurse 11.15                  Dr Martin Duddy, explaining MS, research and treatments 12.15                  comfort break 12.20 /12.15        Personal perspective of being diagnosed – Roger 12.45         Over to you – chance for people on their tables to share their experiences and learn from