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'tis the season

Season change Autumn is in full force. Is it? Well the leaves think so and the cooling weather thinks so; or does it?! Recently there have been temperatures up here (the north east) hitting bloody 20°C! Yes, that is nice in summer months (obviously higher please; and was this year to be frank!) and not one to whinge about any other time; unless. Unless? Well, you know where I’m going with that. Yip, M bloody S. Temperature can be a nasty (for want of a taboo-free word!) trigger. Can. Not everyone granted, and depending on the type of temperature; e.g. dry or damp/humid. Enough of that; for now. It is currently October and so far, so good in that I’m having (touch wood) a good month with a few notable ‘good’ days. Those who know what I mean by that, know. Just a month then? Yes, in that apart from A great week last month, I did not really enjoy September. Change of season? Who knows! Now it’s been and gone - moving on! What is/are the change/s making a posit