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Local Footpath stagger!

  Lady Smith’s Seghill Stumble   Having been effectively avoiding the sun for some time (as of the end of June 2021), and with that walking too, I happily broke that seal, and lived a bit of history in the process! A public footpath, that friends and I used to use, for dogs and other reasons back in the day, was my chosen route. Apart from some nettle stings, I enjoyed it more than I’d been hoping to! And I will do again. Walk there, that is. “Ooooh, a walk. Whoopie-do.” You may think. We know of my challenges with regards to said basic activity of controlled falling – walking – in that it is not always one’s friend. If you do not know of the challenges, try out living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for size! This a happy feeling blog, so I’ll leave MS to the side for now ( much more about that elsewhere here anyway , and that isn’t sad by the way). Seghill . The village I grew up in from the age of umm, err, 8(ish), in the south east of Northumberland for 10 years bef