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Sleep Blog I recently attended a course about sleep… ‘Sleep in People with a Brain Injury’, presented by Dr David Lee. First off, why? Insomnia; a condition I have that may be linked to my ‘bigger condition’, it may not. MS being the bigger condition that is linked to the err, smaller one. Sleepy yet!!? People with multiple sclerosis often have trouble sleeping soundly, but the problems may not be due to the disease itself. Stress, spasticity in arms or legs, inactivity, or depression that   can  come along with   MS can  interfere with a good night's rest Google’s top answer. I just know I have been a chronic insomniac for over half my life. Yikes. First time I’ve written that! So, the course. It started off – “about sleep” – generally how much people need and that everyone’s needs are different; age is a big factor in this as well! 8 hours? Common ‘requirement’ nonsense, but the average time is 8 and a quarter hours. People can be long or short sleepers at a