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PIP reflection 2024

  PIP reflection 2024 Over the last few months, it’s safe to say (metaphorically) that my head had been somewhat up my arse; with anxiety. All due to my friend P I flipping P. Yes. Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ). Having received the renewal form LAST year (that’s 2023 as of typing), I anxiously stressed to get what legitimate proof I could get to assist my honest form answers. Big kudos to the Citizens Advice Bureau for help with said form ‘completion’. I was struggling. And without ANY surprise, I still live with MS ! Multiple Sclerosis the chronic Central Nervous System disease. Has it improved? No. Is it progressing? Yes. Is there a cure? I and about 2.3+m others wish. Anyway, part of my ‘processing’ stuff is that I keep notes. Yip, my memory is far from good. Cognition . So, here are 3 fairly recent ‘notes’ relating to PIP that I still have in my phone for a short blog and how one’s anxiety has been: No escape (1st May) Missed phone calls, a voice message. Joanne about