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My exercise story? I am 37 years old and do have #MS. I also try to #exercise. I like it (gym weights mostly (I try!)) and feel some benefits of it too. Wouldn't go if didn't I suppose! When I was younger – teens really – I exercised quite a bit all be it strength focused, as some do at that age! Then came university and even though I joined the gym there every year of the 4, my attendance was really not worth the then total of twenty whole quid, yet better than nowt! Working at BAE Systems a bit thereafter, I resumed going to the gym and played football (not very well!) and did some kickboxing (I liked it!). So I guess I have had some form of exercise in my life to a certain regard. After BAE I went to what became Lockheed Martin – gym and football* stopped really. Wasn’t the same funability of 6-a-side availability; but I did pick-up a bit of eskrima that I enjoyed until the #MonSter started fighting back…! The job started to interfere with my health en
Me! Hi I am Roger Cook, and this is my first ever personal website. Here you will learn about me, what I’m good at, bad at, love, hate, do, don’t do... etc! Have a squiz at my passions below of which there will be further details of elsewhere on this site. [work in motion!] Passions . Family and friends. I’m the oldest offspring of 2 and currently 44 years young. Fantastic Mam, Dad and sister whom I’m blessed with. No kids of my own. Yet! Within my years to date, I have amassed umpteen fabulous friends that I keep in contact with on a regular basis...good times J from pre-school and where I have lived, to employment and back again! Sport . Well Newcastle United Football Club first and foremost! I proudly have held a season ticket which I have had now for several years at St. James’ Park. This will be an ongoing blog! Other than football, I do like to watch a variety of others. E.g. (in no particular order!) Snooker, Tennis (a bit), Motor