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Coronavirus realisations? Its a positive!

Coronavirus realisations? This is fun isn’t it? Hopefully I am not going to repeat my previous Coronavirus blog [ there! ], but sure there will be overlaps! What realisations am I on about then? This / these struck me very recently. The staying indoors more as we are supposed to – previously explained! – giving me more ' boring me time ’, giving positives? I am doing what I can the best for my physical and mental health, under ONE set of rules. MINE. I haven’t got to be anywhere at a certain time, do anything specifically, rest not-guiltily… Aye, sounds like they all go directly against the set of government COVID rules; but it doesn’t. Let me explain a bit. The statement that was said was to stay indoors , and remains overlying advice. So, I am ‘adhering’ mostly to this straight away. Fun? Well actually! For example, when I have the/some permitting energy I may attempt to do: Some kind of morning fitness – MS friendly YouTube mixture; like P

Coffee Journeys

Coffee journeys At the start of 2019 I made a return to, a start of, caffeinated coffee. What? Why? Well I'll put my thanks for that with a great few people I met in Prague at an #MS convention - details of here - that led to a fabulous weekend in Glasgow that reintroduced me to the real taste of great coffee that included caffeine! Yes, tea and coffee (LOT more tea then) both of the decaffeinated version) due to primarily bloody insomnia , then that in can be not welcome with MS. However! It seems that yes, caffeine has energy positives (great cheating fatigue at times), it also brings 'mild' diuretic affects. Taste wins! I started a little coffee tasting journey of my own. Just visiting some local coffee-shop-esq to try and discover what offers the 'best' in my opinion (aye, as a bit of a chocolate lover I had a few Mochas!) and a good time to read Ruby Wax's Frazzled ! Here are some scribbles from then:  Park View Deli Bar, Whitley Bay