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Music. And into My Teenage Years

Music Into My Teenage Years So; growing up quickly heading into my teenage years I was listening mainly to the aforementioned ‘Hardcore’. (Yes, alongside learning and playing the bagpipes too!) Neither proud nor ashamed of my rave time. Definitely not! Stay with me… To this day I look forward to listening to, live if possible, #RCFF on Friday with Uncle Dugs on Junglist supreme from early Rave days and nights – Jungle and old skool! Takes me back! Judgement Day . The flyer is of an event I think I went to! Complete with white gloves, whistle, pro-plus and Lucozade! Redbull then? Err, nope! Never heard of – too early! Definitely a Hardcore event. Think boom boom boom at 150-180bpm+ with a hoover sound in the background! A favourite? They were all mostly taboo heavy, so if you’re offended by such, don’t click HERE ! It wasn’t only Hardcore. Then ‘ jungle ’ was about as well. This is another dance music genre that evolved from other breakbeats,