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MS Conductive Education

Conductive Education Me, on ‘consultation’ day. First thoughts. What? Why? Well having MS for my sins, I do try to keep as best I can really using what services are available locally and after returning to the North East some moons ago, I was made aware of the amazing Benmar House ( Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief Fund ) in Morpeth. They offer a range of amazing services. I practice Pilates there when I can and love it! During this exercise I have met some great people and was advised to start Conductive Education that I did not act upon. Until now! After attending the conductive education open day at the Percy Hedley centre in Newcastle in March, I was largely none-the-wiser of what it is in truth. It was busy and all whom I met were great people with pretty inspiring outlooks. So, I booked for my first personal consultation with Eszther – the conductor. What took place? I went as if ready for the gym which was probably a bit over the top, but was hardly