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STEM Turbine day

As a proud STEM  (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Ambassador, I keep check with what STEM enrichment activities are planned that I feel I could support with my experience. After the F1 Schools Aerodynamics competition I was involved in, I was introduced to a different school and STEM challenge in the subject of renewable energy via wind turbines . This was followed by an email from a teacher – who is the school STEM science lead, asking if it would be possible with the support of teachers, for me to lead any engineering or STEM activities with younger years over an hour or 2; in essence to talk to each class for 10-15 minutes before they embarked upon designing their own wind turbines in relation to my previous visit to another school – F1 Aerodynamics ! When I got to said school, checked-in etc., I was met by the aforementioned teacher, had a bit chat, and was then thrown straight into it well before 9am! I was unsure as what format the day would b