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Oceans of Hope Croatia 2018

Oceans of Hope Croatia 2018 In November 2017 I attended MSSessions2017 with . What an amazing eye-opening MS experience. See the respective blog ! Whilst there, I had the joy of meeting Natalie and Vicky amongst others. They both - towards the end of the weekend - told me about Oceans of Hope that they had attended in 2016 and that I must go. So later last year I applied, got accepted and wow. SO glad I did…. “First things first; the travel. I knew when I saw the flight – as of looking (and researching, as I do) – that it would make for an early start. 06:00 flight! To Croatia, via Amsterdam as Newcastle direct lines are good, but not fantastic. Yes, there were two options for the day; the other one would simply have been far too late. So, in order to be there (Croatia) in good time for a comfortable start time, the early flight it was with an early (03:30) taxi and little sleep ! Not really anything new there then. Having made the decision to NOT ta