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New (not so new) Year Resolution 20XX

NYR 20XX I am not a ‘New Year Resolution’ (NYR) believer. Sick of minor heart-felt , common , and false, ‘beliefs’ just being said to say something across the years. ·        Job ·        Gym more ·        Get a lass When realistically, although they were true, to a broken / fractured mindset, the intent was hardly in line with the bollocks of a NYR! Firstly, the JOB . Well, as someone with I STILL BELIEVE a thoroughly paramount WORKING ETHIC and attitude; I can honestly say, that I have tried beyond belief. Now, my acceptance is that that has had to have changed due to medical reasons . Meh. Such is life. The GYM! Never a gym bunny to quote a phrase, I did attend a gym whenever I could within reason. Miami dreams? No! Fitness in-line with MS , yes. And age now a factor 😂 . COVID a different factor now anyway too! Singleton. 43 and single. No “aw”s there – not my search (no pun intended either), far from! – I know these days especially, that is not unusual. Hey, I’m a