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Arthur Super Dog

Arthur Holiday! My better half and her family went away for a week in the sun and fun, leaving their dog without them. Don't worry, it was prepared for his care before any holidaying was done! Here's where I step in. I know Arthur (the dog in subject) well and as I am a dog man, Catherine - my other half - asked me if I'd like to have him for the week. "YES!" was my instant reply! I feel honored to have been asked! Those who aren't dog friendly or knowing about their care, may not get that. I do and love them! So, I had an amazing week with an amazing dog. Arthur really is a class dog! Back to me. If reader doesn't know (probably do) I have #MS, and that is the main reason I don't own my own dog. See the blog about that and reasoning . However! A week with an ultimately calm as anything small dog was a challenge I simply wanted! It took me back in time to my 1st dog as a kid - Gripper - in my village where I live again, and doing what I did naturally