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MS Sessions 2017 Prague - Sunday

MS Sessions 2017 Prague Sunday 26th November 2017 My 50 th blog belongs to MSSessions2017 Sunday! What a second day with the family of fellow MSers! Information galore with such a vibe. EVERYBODY fully loving it – so relaxed in that we all knew there was nothing to be ashamed of MS-wise; that cloud that exists dare I say ‘in the public all of the time’, but not at the Prague MS festival 2017 ! Starting in the same place as Saturday   with the same crew (I think!) and I was still a bit mutton Jeff, I was looking forward to the 'food' start with Conor! Dr Conor Kerley Nutrition - Dr. Conor Kerley What about nutrition? - We are food SWANK dietary food ( good) Conor a good talker going through a lot of data we know – some of us, not all – quickly and funnily! - Vitamin D [RC1]   20 minutes sunshine = 20000 iu Kerley’s rule! Shadow must be shorter (Remember  Kerley's rule  for #vitaminD production: your shadow shou