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Glasgow 2017!

Glasgow 2017 So, after professionally procrastinating (something I seem particularly good at on occasion!) for a good few years about going to see the wonderful city of Glasgow and some family again, I finally got around to it! What, about 5 years late?! I did study Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Glasgow between 1996 and 2000 ( 21 years ago; yikes). Yes, UCAS as it was known then and my choice of what to do had me around the country visiting a few different universities, none of which stood out, until… I got to Glasgow. Everything about the place did it for me. The city’s people, the vibe, the architecture, and the university itself. Everything. It felt like somewhere I wanted to be. The university – what it (the course) offered, how it looked, where it was/it. I knew where to hedge my bets (A-Level grade hopes!); and that was March ’96. Even travelling there and back, I randomly met another potential student - Pete - on the train, and shared a bit of