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Universe WTF? I know, I know. The Universe. Well, yes that is kind of a big thing, so is a strongly possible life-changer. Earth, is but a proton type member of this universe (tiny). Britain is what in comparison to the Universe isn’t even a proton. A small country really. BUT. There are smaller countries, one of which I have visited once only; well currently anyway. Throughout the last 8ish years, I have read stuff I had previously wouldn’t have my cup of tea. But my life journey hasn’t been ‘as planned’. Some may claim that said reading material is “hippy’ish” or similar, i.e. being of the spiritual variety (and business), and despite that, I am referring to belief in… the power of the attraction! One of the books is called The Secret and is pretty famous. 10 million copies worth of fame to be more specific: “The  book  is based on a pseudo-scientific theory called the “law of attraction” – the principle that “like attracts like.” Specifically

PIP and Introversion?

PIP and Introversion? I is back init! Well, that’s not a true for many a reason. Yes, I am back – writing a blog – for some reason. A reason. As per the title mention of that bastard PIP ‘benefit’ and the negative affects it has had and is having on me. I’m writing now in a fairly negative mood; which is something I do not like being in. Let’s go back some weeks ago. I returned home from a course of sorts – Living with a Long Term Health Condition , CBT type – to be welcomed to a brown envelope. I knew that was it, having spent 6 years living with post anxiety. So, what that meant was for me to apply for the benefit, I had to phone and thereafter start to amass support evidence of and about me and my condition with its effects on me. Being pretty clued-up with and about these shenanigans through my MS community involvement (locally, nationally, social media etc), I thought I was prepared. Oh, my word. I did not realise just how much stress and anxiety that w
Phonetic Geordie Meditation Piss-take Get ye sell comfy. Best to sit on yer arse, on a cushion or owt if want, and think that thaz summic like pulling ya heed from the middle to the roof. Good for back position, serious. Feet on the floor please an aal. Reet. Take a muckle slow breath in. Had it aal in for a while, boot coont of 4. Slowly blah it aal oot slowly, coont of 8ish. Dee it again like, just divvent hurry. It's reet under our noses. And again twice owa. Can't dee it wrang, hasn't got to be owt perfect at aal. Breathe naturally. When ye breathe, the chest n belly n shoulders are ganna move. This is good. Each breath, try and think about it. Focus on it - ya beek, n tash, n gob. Where do yee feel it most comin in gannin oot?   Ye ganna have hods ov mad thoughts n that aal the time. Mind wandering like. Divvent stress aboot it. We aal dee it. It's like a monkey mind thing. Booncin here'n'there none-stop n again