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Frazzled meditation!

Frazzled Meditation Hello hi areet! How are ya? It’s November now. I succeeded in that October was indeed the acclaimed ‘dry month’. Apart from best mate Al’s 40 th night out – that I knew of; and has been the breaker on other dry-spells in previous years too – I drank nothing alcoholic. Woopidoo! Gold star! Woo. Ahem. Benefits? The pocket maybe, but not massively. Hmmm. Coffee instead of booze? Different story coming soon! Okay. To the real blog intention. Meditation . Beryl King my meditation teacher at the fantastic resource of Benmar House ( MSRRF ) was on holiday at time of this writing. Point in question, she loaned me a book last month that I have just recently finished. And what a book. A Mindfulness Guide for the FRAZZLED by Ruby Wax. It was highly recommended by Beryl, and with me being a ‘slow reader over-thinker  analyser’ type, it took a while to finish. I loved it and it has inspired me to investigate to (possibly) further my meditation journey