New (not so new) Year Resolution 20XX


I am not a ‘New Year Resolution’ (NYR) believer. Sick of minor heart-felt, common, and false, ‘beliefs’ just being said to say something across the years.

·       Job

·       Gym more

·       Get a lass

When realistically, although they were true, to a broken / fractured mindset, the intent was hardly in line with the bollocks of a NYR!

Firstly, the JOB. Well, as someone with I STILL BELIEVE a thoroughly paramount WORKING ETHIC and attitude; I can honestly say, that I have tried beyond belief. Now, my acceptance is that that has had to have changed due to medical reasons. Meh. Such is life.

The GYM! Never a gym bunny to quote a phrase, I did attend a gym whenever I could within reason. Miami dreams? No! Fitness in-line with MS, yes. And age now a factor 😂. COVID a different factor now anyway too!

Singleton. 43 and single. No “aw”s there – not my search (no pun intended either), far from! – I know these days especially, that is not unusual. Hey, I’m a decent looking fella, with sadly (is it, are they?) quite a few relations to my name that haven’t worked out, shall we say. Another Corona added challenge too. Thanks for that! 🤣 Another half in good time. Maybe.

So apart from those NYRs, and with more self-care, I did intend to read more, and listen to more, music…


So, as linked to my New Year norelutions above, I sat listening, to Boards of Canada, Tomorrow's Harvest. And yes. I heard bits in it I had never heard before.


My lugs had just been medically cleaned-out (an irritating, very irritating annual(ish) occurrence), and this year's focus and its concentration? Combined. That'll do.

Part of my introverted lifestyle maybe. Irrespective, my thorough love of music. Selfish? On many times yes! Yet looking back across umpteen years, that kind-of cost me. Socially and other potentials thereafter with it. Meh. Can't change that/those!

Years later I still - but clearer, and clearer - have my love of music, I'll remain a bit of a self-entitled music snob.

Aye, that snobbery will have to soften if I'm to find a balance, shall we say!

However, it is early in this year, and while happily and relaxed, more in my comfortable acceptance zone, I will rightly listen to my weird music variety! And enjoy it. A lot.

Onto my 4th book already (reading, not writing!). However. Enough wordage for now, so I’ll put the pen down!

Thanks for listening to my selfish patter!


Perfectionism coming soon.





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