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Used to hate… Brussel Sprouts!

Roger goes vegetarian...for a day Used to hate… Brussel Sprouts! That is right. Brussel sprouts. Kid you not. Another ‘easy’ “5 ingredient” effort from Jamie ; from me. “Why?” I hear you shout. Well, I have made a sprout recipe before – as the main ingredient, not a Christmas addition – all be it 10(ish) years ago and it was a nice surprise. A stir fry that worked. So, this healthy meat-free option sounded worth a go. The little cabbage-like green oddities that are generally un-liked, especially by children I think. Going back a decade or 3 I remember not liking anyway, nor my sister! The overcooking? Very possibly (sorry Mam!), ignoring the forget-me-not forgotten pan full of sprouts that cooked, and cooked, and cooked… Sprout-mash?! Wasn’t the best advert for the little fellas! Accidents happen! What did I actually do? I recorded about a minute’s worth (in total) of ramble for the first time; and it goes, a little something like this ! “So, I’m full of cold today