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Great North Run 2016

"I’m raising funds for the MS society in a show of support for my good friend Roger who was diagnosed with MS back in 2001. Roger is a really positive person and since his diagnosis he hasn’t moped around feeling sorry for himself, he has been an inspiration to me and many others as he spends his time raising funds and awareness for the MS Society . MS is a life-long, chronic condition for which there is currently no cure. The funds raised will go towards improving treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives as well as funding research to beat MS for good. Any contributions towards my £300 goal would be greatly appreciated by me, Roger and the MS Society ." Obviously, the above is not my writing, but those of/for/on-behalf of a great friend of mine who is taking on the  arduous  task of running 13.1 miles in the Great North Run 2016, for the Newcastle and Gateshead Multiple Sclerosis branch.  I was present there last year as a ' c

New Music Story Chapter

And now for something completely different Right, well after the success of the amazing Chase Park Festival , I now have to get back to my music story ! (and overdue editing elsewhere etc, which will happen in time; procrastination time!?!)  So here we go!: Bit of family blarb, in that my Mam  (that's 'mother' for those not familiar with some dialects!) is Scottish and she met my  Dad when he was grafting where she’s from over 40 years ago – and as such across the years, my younger years, we visited a lot. Tighnabruaich in Argyll, is when a kid, canny boring; when actually it is a truly beautiful part of the world. Things taken for granted when young! Her Dad, my Papa whom I got on with very well was a funny guy and fantastic musician ! He could make the accordion dance!  Never played the bagpipes though... It was said how “your Papa would love it if you picked them up”; so I did! I was about 10/11/12 I think and received strangely welcomin

Chase Park Festival 2016!!!

Chase Park Festival 2016 Review! I am a big music fan, like and love many different sorts. These days I listen to a lot of classical; always what I call ‘ diverse electronica’; Oldskool makes me smile; Jungle is a weekly passion too; Motown; Jazz occasionally and certain ‘guitar’ and folk based groups... So the opportunity for me to attend Chase Park festival AGAIN, based in the North East with international and local headliners supported by the music-loving disabled community, I of course had to go - AND GO I DID! I have been to other festival style events across the UK, but recently’ish none other than the ground-breaking Chase Park Festival, and here’s why!: I was formally diagnosed with MS age 23 in 2001, before then I had seen a good few bands and groups at organised events and the likes elsewhere that were mostly fine, then certain things started to err, change a bit on occasion shall we say. A bit! MS has affected my music event enjoyment. I now strat