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NUFC v Aston Villa

NUFC v Aston Villa 13/02/22 We went on the hunt for a 3 rd victory on a somewhat damp Sunday afternoon. Another realistically nervy game ahead having not achieved 3-in-a-row in 39 months (November 2019 with Rafa). Yet despite our Geordie realism, we now have shed-loads of renewed belief too. And it showed! To be there and be part of the St James’ restored audio volume was and is brilliant. The game itself was a fairly “messy” affair. 2 teams of course wanting the same. They, have a superstar in Philippe Coutinho that, for me, was the source of the nerves. He’s that good. However! The superb defending made said superstar a CoutinNO! I was, as a football fan, expecting to see some special tricks and moves from him. Gladly I did not! Like I said, it was from the off a messy game. They were dirty. Aggression as shown on Tuesday night was welcome. What they brought in their game was unwelcome. Had the ref been fairer (not for want of better word) we would have had more freekicks.

Newcastle United v Everton

NUFC v Everton 08/02/22 Form! Yes! Newcastle United displaying some form. And its fan-fucking-tastic. Not to an Everton, nor a Leeds fan; snigger-snigger. We played Leeds last month, just before the FA Cup premiership break (especially for those who are not in said cup. Ahem. But the team had a ‘warm weather break’ that seems to’ve done wonders too) and we won. For the first time in an age granted, but an unexpected victory is next-level great. What followed was an exceptionally busy mid-season / January transfer window. Busy and also fantastic. 5 newbies. Improved squad. Quality improvements throughout! Well done Newcastle . Approximately £92m spent (not including add-ons). Anyway! A quick blog about our (#NUFC) much improved mindset across the board – owners down to the most disgruntled fan – due to rapidly improving team that all can see. Aye, despite still being in the quagmire in truth (at time of writing a measly unsafe 17 th ), the outlook is good and OPTIMISTIC. So, th

Gallowgate Challenges

Gallowgate Challenges - NUFC January (2022) I went to visit St. James’ Park. Now this wasn’t an uncommon thing, but both the reason and sitting position were.                               The FA Cup ! Meh. That short word spells the result of the encounter. Obviously , Newcastle United being football flesh and blood. The FA Cup, 3 rd round home tie against a lower league club, a tasty day out. Here’s an/the NUFC thing. An expected odds-on game does not always go according to plan. And it didn’t. More about that soon. The Gallowgate End. If you do not know of the famous Gallowgate End of St. James’ Park (hereafter SJP); you should! It is where I started my physical following as a supporter of this brilliant football club. As a teenager, maybe 12 (maybe <12) and not formerly a teen, life began at the South East side of the Gallowgate End of SJP. I have a crap short term memory these days, yet long term is still with me. That era of SJP was tremendous for many, many, r