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Orbital 30-Something

Orbital 30-Something CD1 From the very 1st sound I am immediately taken back in time; with a twist. Its historical rave moments followed by fitting Orbital sounds then the modernization synth stabs drop in the background. Hooked by the melodic sound only Orbital can deliver. Then words drop and fit! Paul's history at the Kent rave! The stereo that just wasn't as accurate 30 years ago. That's Smiley , track 1! The time machine brings us up to date at the start of track 2 - Acid House - new but old. Just as you get used to the techno bass drum, incomes a vocal noise, another layer is added, then another, then relatively quiet and a male voice repeats, then more electronic sounds. Punchy electronic house techno (mildly poppy) jazz? (Chorus only!) Bye bye I'm off on a journey! Eyes shut! Then stop! Where is it going? Stephen Hawking (SH) reels you into a visualised story of, for me, a Galactic tunnel . Then we get tempo and sounds! Energised! Then SH again. This (album)