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Great North Run 2015

For the first time in my life I got involved in the Great North Run . Bit late maybe. Not running it of course – not being a runner – but supporting via an organised cheering bus with the MSSociety . I was torn between going to the Charity Village at the race end point or being a ‘cheerer’; which I opted for. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the cheering gang. It was an immense place to be! To be there before 9am seeing some of the route when on way to where the bus was parked was nearing feeling quite ‘eerily’. Very very few people about – the occasional jogger (I know!) or dog walker – no sunshine at that time and also very quiet; in a strange (to me) place. Upon seeing the familiar orange and reaching the bus we (me and Kelbel) were met by others clad in MS Orange, our (sub-)theme for the day. What I mean by that is yeah, we were all supporting the whole of the GreatNorth Run and ALL of it’s fantastic participants, with a little more bias for those (450 registered) ta