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MS Gets Arty

MS Art Blog! I said in previous medical blog that the next one will be completely different, so I am confident it is. Hope so anyway! Here’s the thing. I used to be an engineer – hate to use the past tense – but hey, life’s route doesn’t always go to plan. I know why and how mine has changed ( MS , if you didn’t/don’t know), but that is that. Life without challenge is boring, right? Sometimes! Anyway! What am I on about? I have quoted engineering and with that there are certain design fundamentals to learn and to know about without doubt. There are no required ART elements, or there wasn’t in my 4 years at Uni! Fantastic if you are a naturally gifted with artistic skills within you; I am not. I  have recently started to attend an ART class at Benmar House, Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief ! Foreign language (art) to me? A Bit! However! Can but try. So, I began on Thursday 02/02/17. First ever Art Group! I found it very different, but actually really en

MS Expert Patient

MS Expert Patient Cranial Nerve Examination I have recently met some 3 rd year medical students at my GPs’ surgery on their request; an activity I usually do if I can when asked to do it, being someone living with MS  – not solely stuck in MY head! What this does is not only the giving me the chance to give something back to the medical body, that they (students) learn from, but the chance for me to share some of my  story . I have assisted with a/the Cranial Nerve Examination several times now being the patient, as my eyes are affected by my condition. These (examinations) have taken part in a learning centre area of the RVI * and separately my GPs’ surgery. *This has been different across the years! I go along with about 15 other ‘patients’ across 2 wards, each in our own respective ward area, to sit or lie and await a small team (5-6) of students with a qualified doctor per team. These teams each have their task/s to perform depending on what these are. Do I en