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More than 3.14! “Shingles”. “Shingles”. Say it. What a horrible word! Why am I writing about shingles? I am currently (end of November 2015) getting shot of a bout of these/this thing. Herpes Zoster . Shiver. NOT Herpes Simplex (the genital ones), thankfully! I have had chickenpox, not as a kid though. I was treat to getting that aged 26 in a hotel, catching it when working near Blackpool; but that’s a different story (haven’t been back to Blackpool since). So that opened the doors to allow shingles to develop. Wonderful! Or not. Shmingles Basics What is shingles? Otherwise known as Herpes Zoster, is a skin manifestation of the dormant chicken pox virus. Chicken pox, once an expected rite of childhood (not me), causes a respiratory syndrome with a widespread rash. The infection eventually resolves and the virus remains in the body, dormant in the roots of nerves at the level of the spine. How dare it. The virus finds a home in the cells of these nerves, alive and u


My exercise story? I am 37 years old and do have #MS. I also try to #exercise. I like it (gym weights mostly (I try!)) and feel some benefits of it too. Wouldn't go if didn't I suppose! When I was younger – teens really – I exercised quite a bit all be it strength focused, as some do at that age! Then came university and even though I joined the gym there every year of the 4, my attendance was really not worth the then total of twenty whole quid, yet better than nowt! Working at BAE Systems a bit thereafter, I resumed going to the gym and played football (not very well!) and did some kickboxing (I liked it!). So I guess I have had some form of exercise in my life to a certain regard. After BAE I went to what became Lockheed Martin – gym and football* stopped really. Wasn’t the same funability of 6-a-side availability; but I did pick-up a bit of eskrima that I enjoyed until the #MonSter started fighting back…! The job started to interfere with my health en
Me! Hi I am Roger Cook, and this is my first ever personal website. Here you will learn about me, what I’m good at, bad at, love, hate, do, don’t do... etc! Have a squiz at my passions below of which there will be further details of elsewhere on this site. [work in motion!] Passions . Family and friends. I’m the oldest offspring of 2 and currently 44 years young. Fantastic Mam, Dad and sister whom I’m blessed with. No kids of my own. Yet! Within my years to date, I have amassed umpteen fabulous friends that I keep in contact with on a regular basis...good times J from pre-school and where I have lived, to employment and back again! Sport . Well Newcastle United Football Club first and foremost! I proudly have held a season ticket which I have had now for several years at St. James’ Park. This will be an ongoing blog! Other than football, I do like to watch a variety of others. E.g. (in no particular order!) Snooker, Tennis (a bit), Motor