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Staggering I know that I have not ‘produced’ any writing for a while, not without reason; different stories there. Anyway 7 months is long enough. A 7-month hike, err, obviously; not. Hike. Something I can say never did to my memory, without doubt not in the last many years. Why? If you don’t know why, it’s because I have never been a walker, let alone a hiker and now living with MS for over half my life has changed a lot of life . In this case, I’m bouncing (ha) off the word “ hike ” into the more common word and activity “ walk ”. Let me explain a bit. In a nutshell, if you didn’t know; I may have been living with Multiple Sclerosis – MS – for over half my life now. It wasn’t ‘formally’ diagnosed until I was a tender, ahem, 23 but it was spied (by a great friend and now qualified neuro-doctor) initially in 1997/8 – I was then not 23. Now, some moons later, and having gone through the denial process that comes post-diagnosis e t c (more stuff elsewhere on the