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Music - Back Home

Music - Back Home So! After the last few classical blogs, time to pick-up with my music story. I left you at the end of GlasgowUniversity , a very very big part of my music education . Isn’t that the time of your life (age, not solely Uni but it can be and is for many) that plays a HUGE part to lay some foundations? As I’ve said, it did for me! After a hard (and great!) 4 years studying (9-5, 5 days a week + homework by the way) it was time for home as I didn’t have a job lined up. Regretfully? Maybe, but that’s old hindsight now. I was only not-working for a matter of days before I got some employment, and with friends who also love music, that element was kept alive and healthy! Sharing new tastes etc. kept everyone happy. Not many are fans of my diverse electronica though! (However, modern electronic music does seem to incorporate it a great deal. I win!) Quite some time ago now, but I do recall seeing Orbital for the first time at Creamfields in Liverpool 2001 an