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MS Professional Patient

3rd Year Medical Students  Cranial Nerve Examination Two weeks ago (second week of October 2017 ) I answered a call asking me if I would like to do as I have done before, (as an expert patient) at the Newcastle Clinical Research Facility . When I told Andy – the coordinator on the phone – I’d done it several times before and that I would rearrange other appointments to suit, he was a happy chappy. One of the appointments was Tysabri number 97, my first at CRESTA (Clinics for Research and Service in Themed Assessments), a new ‘venue’ to get my infusion (I'd rather stay where I was, but!). A phone call or two later and job one done. Others followed suit and I was free for service! As I have previously blogged this, I will not repeat the whole Cranial Nerve Examination process again, but will repeat that I enjoyed it once more and was left tired once more too! However! The hard work (it does get tiring!) gave me a thirst. I had a thought. An obvious th

Multiple Sclerosis Cycling

MS CYCLING INFORMATION NIGHT AT BENMAR HOUSE I just wanted to let you know that the amazing Multiple Sclerosis charity .@MSRRFCharity have an information evening for their three day Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge (May 18-20, 2018) taking place here at Benmar House , Morpeth at 6pm- 8pm on Thursday 2nd November. It's an informal event that gives interested participants the opportunity to learn more about the ride, see a presentation from the tour leader and ask questions, as well as meet others taking part. Drinks and nibbles will be provided. If you know any one that might be interested in attending the info night or the ride itself, please do pass them Dan’s details – Dan Nelson, LinkedIn . He can email out a full event booklet upon request. #MS #MultipleSclerosis #MSRRFCharity #coasttocoast #cycling #charity

Taste of the Far East

Singapore noodles Another ‘blog meal’, somewhat different bringing in a taste of the far east, with Singapore noodles! Ideal for a 'less hassle' and quicker feed. Come on, who doesn’t like the Chinese menu? Well, as we mostly know it via take-away! As a self-confessed foodie I search for and eat whatever; E.g. (thinking South East Asia)  Thai , Vietnamese , Korean . So, this just looked to tick boxes for a night to conserve some energy and 'deliver' a tasty filling. “Fast, healthy food at its best.” Sold. "It might seem like a strange combination, but the chicken, curry powder and prawns are a total winner," says cookbook author Joe Wicks . "If you don't fancy the combo, feel free to use either chicken or prawns - in which case, you'll need 250g chicken or 200g prawns." I returned to chicken . Prawns are coming soon in (a) something or other. Having the necessary bits (I chose no prawns, and no coriander (love not hate

From chicken to beef!

Super-Speedy Beef Stroganoff And for my 2 nd savoury….! Firstly  (and secondly – 2 different meals here!) , I’m not following the book exactly page-by-page, due to having possibly done them before and/or just don’t fancy doing them. So, I skipped a page. Shocking I know, to a Stroganoff instead of a creamy saucy chicken (ooh-err chick!). Chicken followed next recipe meal chicken? No, to beef!  It seems like I have done this (meal) before due to the mark or two on the page, that serves as a good sign to I have  already  made it at some time. Book p ersonalised.  However, changes were of course made, notably the exchange of fillet steak for a cheaper cut, as the picture may well show. Another “1-pot?!" So be it! It is amazing what can be done without the use of umpteen/several/many different items from your cookware (and easier, with reason , in truth). Well that’s my view on it; at the moment! INGREDIENTS (Serves 1) ·          2 tsp coconut oil (or

Cheesy Chorizo Chicken and Spinach

Cheesy Chorizo Chicken and Spinach I made it! A savoury start (continuation after the sweet Tiffin ) on this Food blogging journey of mine. As I mentioned that I would use LEAN IN 15 as my recipe source, from book one (the red one), the first meal is Cheesy Chorizo Chicken and Spinach. So be it then! First change I opted for was to use turkey mince not chicken. Just for a change. Yes, chicken is chicken as we know I just fancied something a bit different after having had a fairly poultry week previously. I do not have a great deal of dairy. Is it a miss? A bit I suppose. Cheese however is cheese! Now and again it fits with a lot. So, when I saw the Mozzarella ball for this recipe I saw no problems there, far from! Another   easy recipe then to follow, and it was in truth. Biggest challenge? Finely dicing chorizo! It’s quite tough, so that extra element of care had to be taken. It is chorizo – not fingers – especially as yes, it’s a “Serves 1” meal, but. Expe