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Sunderland Airshow Noshow

Sunderland Airshow Noshow The 30 th Sunderland Air show has just been. I went to one many moons (arg! Missed the Blood Moon due to cloud coverage!) ago. I was there with the Newcastle City Pipe Band ! That’s how long ago it was. I did not go again. Different reasons why. Location has kept me away ‘recently’ in truth. Yes, I still have an interest in aerospace all be it not as strong as used to be no longer working. I still proudly hold a good degree in aeronautical engineering that I attained at Glasgow Uni some time ago; that I put to use working in the industry. In 2002 and 2003 when working as an Aerodynamicist for BAE Systems I saw and volunteered at the globally famous Farnborough Airshow that was fabulous! (I had a go on a Segway that was brand-new at that time and didn’t fall off. I would these days!) Barriers built as to why I haven’t gone to the Sunderland equivalent? Yes. Regrettably? Yes really. Not only was it Sunderland Airshow 2018; i

Positive Affirmations ACE

Positive Affirmations ACE The weeks are flying by. (“PositiveAffirmation”; “PA”) PA4 already. Sign of good times? Within reason! Finding a few good things is beneficial! I wonder what you may be thinking of these positive affirmations. They fit with something that was recently put to me during counselling. ACE . I’m no counsellor or psychologist yet I can relate to this ‘ACE’. Achievement , Closeness , Enjoyment . So, for me (my blog obviously) this model makes sense. With that, parts of meditation too (see below), and exercise! Knowing what I had in mind as to what I wanted , I had hopeful achievements planned. 1. Chillifest-ne Being the chilli-lover that I am, ok maybe it is an addiction (the chemical compound of capsaicin that causes the burn; triggers endorphins in the brain(!?)) of sorts, when “ North East Chilli Festival ” began a few years ago, I simply HAD to go. I have been all but 1 since. Knowing that being out of super-hot chilli sauce…

Positive Affirmations - We Continue!

Positive Affirmations – We Continue! Week 3 and straight to point. I do remember that the thinking of three positive affirmations wasn’t always that easy. Then the difficulty when had had a good week, was choosing what three! 1. England. After that game I mentioned last week – England v Sweden – I am very happy to report (not really report!) on more success, in that WE WON!!! Yes, Sweden were not very good at all, we weren’t at our finest either, but notably better and 2 goals to their none proved us as rightful victors! Goals from Dele Alli and Harry Maguire did the job! SWE 0 – 2 ENG A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday was had. Company, beer (moderation of course), BBQ, England winning! Wednesday night coming – the 11 th July 2018 – will prove to be our first World Cup semi-final for a meagre 28 years! Bobby Robson was then at the helm in Italy for Italia 90 ! That was brilliant and stressful itself. Don’t ask Gazza about it or you’ll get a yellow card

Positive Affirmations Come on!

Positive Affirmations Come On! Week 2; in a Big Brother style (only ever wasted my time with 1 series of that crap). Quite clearly the bar was set at a high level in week 1 . Not here to compare achievements; what will be will be. What was: 1. Exercise and massage. Happily starting again with the same first being exercise, this time with the direct follow-up of a therapy in the form of a massage. Confused? I attend an amazing charity - Multiple SclerosisResearch and Relief Fund ( @MSRRFCharity ) and have done for years. The service provision obviously for those with of affected by MS is undoubtably of the highest order and I’m thankful to be a part of it – volunteer there too (giving something back) – very rewarding. Professional physical trainers qualified to help with MS works wonders, especially now that exercise has been accepted as arguably the best treatment for us MSers. I believe that; Tysabri aside! A massage aft