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Summer 2018 nasties

Aunty May Even being of an agnostic/atheist belief, there is something that being in a church for certain occasions feels a bit different. Recently (as of August 2018) my Aunty May passed away. Cancer had the final word. She had been living with the disease for too long, keeping up amazing spirits. Of course, it is sad. Trying to dig any positives out of any death is a damn hard ask. That the suffering ended? Possibly; hard to say an outright yes. That she received a brilliant send-off in church? Again, there is that word possibly. She was one of my Mam’s sisters. There were three. Aunty Maureen (she was funny!) was taken away surprisingly in the summer. There is now only one sister to Mam. Aunty Ann. One Scottish Aunty for Sharon (my sister) and I. To the church, and as I’ve said I’m largely a non-believer type (judge if you want) and as such attending church is a rare occasion. There are two reasons for such visits; for me. One sad, one happy.