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  Hypodrinkisy  1. Bad again out-weighing the good. Stop drinking? I've said for several years that, as an insomniac , I do not need anything to assist with not sleeping - Here's the thing: Alcohol pretty much guarantees that I will not get a good sleep. So why bother? Drunken sleep doesn't count anyway. I love Guinness . I love an IPA. I love wine . Love Port. Really enjoy gin. Get the picture/s? What I, as a man now in his mid-forties, get hangovers that really, really, really suck. For the 1st time this morning, while awake in bed at daft-o-clock, I gave heavier thought to stopping drinking. Something I have mentioned umpteen times to myself and others; obviously without a successful follow through. I am far from an alcoholic of any sort, and for example I had 4 pints of Guinness last night (at time of writing), 1st drink of the week, yet boy did I know it in bed. Then there's #MS. Being a canny member of the "MS Community" I know of others who have stopped