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Is what it is

Is what it is IT IT IT! There is no “It” in the title. Well, apart from actually making up the word “tITtle”! Not a mistake. When chatting about whatever, and #MS comes up as pretty usual when at an MS Social, that phrase is an acknowledgement of acceptance (canny phrase itself!). By saying it, we know that we do know what we/it mean/s. Good repeatability there! For myself, even by voicing it with another understanding MSer, it’s like a ‘mutual respectful recognition’ sharing. Acceptance. Here’s a tangent. I have recently started with Ocrevus as my DMD . So far (literally a couple of months as of typing) so good. It is doing it’s thing. I’m no better, and much more importantly no worse. Yes, I have had questions about my Ocrevus, due to the lowering of one’s immune system, and feeling terrible for a while. But! This time of year everybody seems to pick up a ‘bug’ or 2. Even some bloody COVID – I didn’t – phew. SAD. That’s S.A.D. “Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is  a