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Hippotherapy? Having visited my ex last year, the surprise I was promised was not expected! At all. Something I’d NEVER done... Horse riding! [“ Hippotherapy ”?! YES!] She has done more than a bit of said activity in her earlier life, me though, none. Ever. So, to have an arranged session with a trusted instructor type who is mindful of helping those with challenges – MS in my case, her too but she has experience – I was excitedly nervous / nervously excited! The day arrived. It was initially quite funny getting the correct and fitting helmet and back protector on; we got it after a while. Then to the arena! We were introduced to our respective horses – Jack for me as he is better with ‘newbies’; Whisky for her as she (horse) isn’t quite so tame , but! – and we received good relevant chat before anything else. To mount. Hmmm. I was presented with a stepping block ladder to assist me with the ‘manoeuvre’ and helped get my foot into the stirrup and pushed up a bit. Succ