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Wine I don't like red wine. I love it! If I wind the clock back a couple of decades, and a bit, I had my first taste of red wine. That was in the form of a Jacob's Creek something or other - I think it was a Christmas 90-something - Dad was having a glass and as I was inquisitive I was given a small glass. My early(ish) teens at that time. I liked it a lot! Cheers Fatha! So that was the start of something beautiful 😅 - red wine taste buds opened! Jumping forward to University; a student, in Glasgow . Yes, as a student obviously umpteen different drinks were going to be sampled and drunk. But! As someone who has a good palate (I say that now proudly; judge away; I'm right though (ahem))! I look back to even tasting food and drinks 'properly' then (Uni), unlike many others. Dickhead me? I care not if that's your belief! Get what you pay for - yes, and the resultant debt - only that age once though. Forwarding my time at BAE Systems . A professional job. An aer