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Music - Bradley Creswick violin virtuoso

Music - Bradley Creswick, virtuoso violinist As a proud Northumbrian, I receive the/a local  magazine ; and read it! Most of which doesn’t quite apply to me (having no kids for one), but others do as I love the Northumberland county for all its beauty, peace and (at times!!) quiet. When I saw an advert in the Business Spotlight section of a man playing the violin going to be playing close to me I knew I had to attend. Had to, even in a church! The violin player in question – or Virtuoso Violinist – was  Bradley Creswick  and when Patricia* (*Ex, not real) name saw him she let out a very happily surprised “BRADLEY CRESWICK!?!” knowing of him being a great violin player herself. That only added to my excitement (I did not know of the name!). Bradley was to be accompanied with David Murray on the piano performing a stunning programme of music that included a brilliant array of pieces with a slightly festive theme: Claude Debussy                –             So

Work Chapter

Work Chapter! So, a chapter ended? As I attended Momentum on Thursday 3 rd November 2016, I shared my ‘new’ MS news about my working situation. More – next level – acceptance of my flipping ‘ inability ’ to actually work! Bollocks.  The bigger chapter in question is that of my continuous and relentless job hunting with belief that ‘something would come/turn-up’. Did not really, full time or part time, even though I have had a few part time roles under permitted work rules that I did enjoy. Then. I have attended umpteen daft ‘back-to-work’ type courses, mostly the same but in different places and with different ‘tutors’, yet they were in a word, shit! Basic skills testing. Yes, I am now disabled curtesy of now living with MS , but I can still do the basics. 1+1 IS 2. I am not a Chaucer , Dickins , Orwell nor a Shakespeare , but I can write a bit (divvent need lessons n that like) all be it in my own style. However . The last opportunity to try for the same wo

MS and Work - Realisation and Acceptance

MS and Work - Realisation and Acceptance Being a person with multiple sclerosis, I saw my  MS  consultant ( Dr M E Duddy , whom I rate very highly) at the Newcastle RVI in November 2016 for my annual check. This was, what, my 10ish neurological consultation following my return to the North East 10 years ago. So, I went a bit prepared! Well, that’s being armed with some questions on paper and a pen! Stand back! Without detailing what the questions were, they were of course mostly about me and ‘my’ MS and some of the effects I experience; and a request to see some MRI scan pictures! I scribbled some answers to some questions at the time but afterwards I tried to put them into more of a mini-blog format (for my sake given the memory!) that I am going to share with you (not word-for-word). I always enjoy seeing Dr Duddy for my personal knowledge of how my MS is progressing from a neurological perspective other than what I KNOW personally, and he’s a good bloke too.