Music. Is my life!

I have been living a blog procrastination life for a week or 2 with this thread burning a sound to drop!
So this is simply an intro taster thread as to what is to come being 'initially' a short music centred story so far!

To feature:
  1. MuSic My Story (expanded intro)
  2. Decade (across the - my - years)
  3. Where did it all begin? 
  4. And for something completely different
  5. Into my teenage years
  6. Glasgow
  7. Hotel
  8. Back Home
  9. 2002 Change
  10. Home again!
  11. Randoms of ‘10s!
  12. Others

Honestly, stay tuned for real content of worth! Won't be long now that procrast bubble has been broken!


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