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MS Sessions 2017 Prague - Saturday

MS Sessions 2017 Prague Saturday 25th November 2017 The ‘official’ start of the weekend with breakfast, then headed into the main room for the beginning. I was with Eoghan, whom I was sharing a room with for the event duration, and we sat at the front. Handy for me as at the time my ears were both blocked (sexy, I know) and hearing was an issue… So Emma Rogan (I think) opened up, welcoming us all with a brief talk about EMSP - European Multiple Sclerosis Platform - and . The 2 amazing charities who made this happen. 9:40 Yolanda Higueras: Yolanda was interacting with the room asking the questions to us, making us think… To the slides and my scribbles from them: Somethings depend on me but others don’t -my thoughts and beliefs -I feel my reactions -my decisions -my attitude Find and use your freedom -don’t overdose your control -this is your freedom “if you like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” - Maya
MS Sessions 2017 Prague Launch Party This is part 1 of a special blog. It may seem a bit jumpy (comments welcome!), especially the day reviews - my lecture notes from the actual days! Just a heads-up… In June 2017 I came across MSSessions2017 being held in Prague by , a fantastic charity – the social network for people with multiple sclerosis! I looked into what #MSSessions2017 was, and that at the time being a tender 39 years old (ahem) I just made it into the ‘age range’ (18-40) for the event. So I applied with requested info and hope!   When I received the email confirmation of my successful application, I became excited! November then wasn’t too far off. Prague ? Somewhere I had never been to but had always wanted to visit. This was beyond an ideal opportunity. So I thought! It not only went further past whatever thoughts I had about what the weekend may have held; it amazingly blew them out of the water! Woah. What IS MS Sessions ? “It’s a fe