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Positive Alpha Affirmations

Positive Affirmations goes Alpha; apparently Second blog within a week? Something good must have happened right? I would not be writing this if not so! I do not want or seem to be repeating myself, like I may have said already, but certain things I do are done regularly with regular positive outcomes. St. James' Park This blog though covers different efforts! 1. Meeting Sound inspiring? Gets worse! No. Let me continue. As part of my world now has me functioning as a willing volunteer within the MS world – literally! – due to no longer being a member of the workforce ( GRRRRRRR ), I fulfil quite a few roles instead. #cantdonowt. As one of these roles – happily being part of the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s North Tyneside Group – I am the Health and Safety   (h&s) volunteer. Peterhead Power station Love (ha) or hate, I do have some history adhering to strict health and safety protocol of such, in the past. Power stations. Can’t m

Positive Affiliations 5

Positive Affiliations 5 Straight to it! #lesswaffle! 1. Tysabri 108. Another? Thankfully YES! Those who know, know! My MS treatment, my DMT ( Disease Modifying Treatment ; DMD…Drug), and it has done and doing its job. Touch wood. I like to think that the week prior to the infusion I was quite active and energetic in my own way; then the reminder. Tysabri gets commonly named ‘magic juice’ by its MS recipients. I can’t quote stats for those of us who get Tysabri that are NOT affected by the time between infusions. Some are though. Commonly I am one that knows when it is the 4 th week of the 4. More fatigue with symptomatic responses as an example. A top-up then. Literally! The weekend was largely spend sat on my arse doing not a lot. The actual day after the infusion (before the weekend) I did ‘receive’ a session with an MS specialist Physical Trainer, all positive for the MS journey’s benefit. Then a welcome sit for a meditation session thereafter. Back