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Freeman MRI

MRI Freeman. After a week of potential COVID , I was thinking that I may have had to cancel said MRI. That was scheduled for 19:10 on a Saturday night! The demand ruins weekends. For good reason to be fair. However, I received a phone call on that Saturday morning asking if I'd accept an earlier slot of 12:00. Hell yeah! Saturday night alive again. I'm not missing the possible cancellation reason: I woke up on that day (for the 2nd time since actually falling asleep) feeling SO much better than the Friday before! After explaining that I had been home testing with LFTs (lateral flow test) with Negative results to the caller, I was told that if I did one before going to the Freeman with a Negative result, I could safely get the scan! To the scan. In a mobile MRI unit at an unusual venue, I was a tad anxious ; that anxiety proved of no worth thankfully. I found where to go, checked in at the reception and was taken to the scanner. Up some stairs with handrails, thankfully. What