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The Perfectionist

  The Perfectionist This blog – Perfectionism – is a trait I believe I have held, forever? Even that question mark itself challenges that statement. What backs it up, is that I have been intending to write this for some time, yet procrastination suggests that maybe I am right. Head scratching? Here’s another thing in support of my unproven self-claim (of perfectionist). After speaking to someone on a weekend (in October 2021), I thought I must do it! My personal blog carries no ‘musts’ with it. Anyway, after the conversation I have acted (finally on putting pen to paper – but – I had to do/follow my research routine of subject/topic before any words are formed). That has been a good thing. Maybe I am NOT as much of perfectionist a s I thought after all. This paragraph is from Dundee university (that researching…):   Ø   The 'perfect human' is as appealing and mythical a concept as the unicorn. Many of our greatest endeavours are indeed accomplished while strivi