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MS and Work - Realisation and Acceptance

MS and Work - Realisation and Acceptance Being a person with multiple sclerosis, I saw my  MS  consultant ( Dr M E Duddy , whom I rate very highly) at the Newcastle RVI in November 2016 for my annual check. This was, what, my 10ish neurological consultation following my return to the North East 10 years ago. So, I went a bit prepared! Well, that’s being armed with some questions on paper and a pen! Stand back! Without detailing what the questions were, they were of course mostly about me and ‘my’ MS and some of the effects I experience; and a request to see some MRI scan pictures! I scribbled some answers to some questions at the time but afterwards I tried to put them into more of a mini-blog format (for my sake given the memory!) that I am going to share with you (not word-for-word). I always enjoy seeing Dr Duddy for my personal knowledge of how my MS is progressing from a neurological perspective other than what I KNOW personally, and he’s a good bloke too.

Music - GLASGOW!

Music -  Glasgow When I got to Glasgow directly after A-Level success, I was still listening, then (ahem!) to happy hardcore among others. Small progress from hardcore hardcore? History! I was 18 at that time. Moving swiftly on! I met a friend - Dom - who has a wide musical  taste  stemming from heavy bloody metal that was and isn't really my thing (I tried Iron Maiden live in concert and lasted 3 songs before bar beckoned!), apart from a couple but not as a genre. But here's the but. He introduced me to an electronic sounding group named  Autechre . This was a new type of music that  I call ‘ diverse electronica ’. Fell in musical love straight away with Autechre and also a group (now  sadly disbanded) called  Orbital  (see below!) , who I have to date now seen 5 times! (and I own their CD catalogue) With that taste clearly set and having a passing look in FOPP one day, I had to ask about what was being played, and as a result discovered Boards of Canada :