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Travelling on a bus- the Headphones Saga!

Travelling on a bus- the Headphones Saga!  Going Having a trip booked, I took some time previously to download a few episodes (comedy and crime drama, you filthy sods!) to watch on the journey to kill the time.  Here's the however. In my wisdom I checked whether or not a certain tablet would connect with a certain pair of wireless headphones. That alone proved to be a waste of time itself! I should have trusted my instincts and actually manually tried it. Should have. S kipping (definitely no pun there) forward to the bus. I was all set up best I could to get on a bloody bus. I was told "yes", the tablet's Bluetooth was activated already so proceeded to switch on the headphones' Bluetooth too. A match! I pressed play on Line of Duty S1:E3! "What? Doesn't sound quite right…" I thought to myself. Lifted the earpieces off my lugs and said sound was direct from the tablet! No match made. A bad connection? I tried and tried, and could've 'connecte