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Life ‘persona’ acceptance.

Life ‘persona’ acceptance. After receiving some excellent counselling with Pete , it has helped me massively realise some of my ‘framework personality’; whatever the hell that is (I made it up), just sounded like a fitting’ish thing! Well, adding to that ( above ) mud paragraph ( as clear as... ), I’ll share a social media status update, from the day following recent a recent session with Pete: Facebook status 04/02/21:        ”Maybe this counselling is starting to have notable positive effects on me. Could be the red wine last night; it'd been a while! Honest! Acceptance, and possibly an/my identity finally found, I think. Before any judgement.... Introvert. A type of an introvert. Makes so much sense to me. People have described me as 'quiet' in certain places & situations, which internally I refuted. I am not that bloody quiet, I know. Therewith lies the 'however'. More to follow when I find the volume controls!” I have always been that ‘n

Dog Dreams

  Dog dreams   Firstly, I will say that I am an animal lover. Lush Jack Russell! As is it, at time of writing (end of January 2021), now approximately (within literally hours) 15 years since I have returned back to the north east of England – home – having left employment in the west midlands then and by choice. Here’s the blog co nnection. 15 years is quite a long time for anyone at any stage of life. Still unsure? That’s how I roll! 15 years living by myself. Clearer? I’ll drop a word in with that. Loneliness. I have NOT been lonely for 15 years! Amazing family and friends. However. At 43 years of age, single, not working due to medical reasons, bla bla MS bla COVID-19 bla I know. I am once again seeing a counsellor BY CHOICE; and he suggested knowing as I have said in conversation, that as I am dog lover (I am) that I consider getting a dog! Now this 10 below, are from , more details about each benefit of dog ownership on that site. I have read and