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Music - Bradley Creswick violin virtuoso

Music - Bradley Creswick, virtuoso violinist As a proud Northumbrian, I receive the/a local  magazine ; and read it! Most of which doesn’t quite apply to me (having no kids for one), but others do as I love the Northumberland county for all its beauty, peace and (at times!!) quiet. When I saw an advert in the Business Spotlight section of a man playing the violin going to be playing close to me I knew I had to attend. Had to, even in a church! The violin player in question – or Virtuoso Violinist – was  Bradley Creswick  and when Patricia* (*Ex, not real) name saw him she let out a very happily surprised “BRADLEY CRESWICK!?!” knowing of him being a great violin player herself. That only added to my excitement (I did not know of the name!). Bradley was to be accompanied with David Murray on the piano performing a stunning programme of music that included a brilliant array of pieces with a slightly festive theme: Claude Debussy                –             So

Work Chapter

Work Chapter! So, a chapter ended? As I attended Momentum on Thursday 3 rd November 2016, I shared my ‘new’ MS news about my working situation. More – next level – acceptance of my flipping ‘ inability ’ to actually work! Bollocks.  The bigger chapter in question is that of my continuous and relentless job hunting with belief that ‘something would come/turn-up’. Did not really, full time or part time, even though I have had a few part time roles under permitted work rules that I did enjoy. Then. I have attended umpteen daft ‘back-to-work’ type courses, mostly the same but in different places and with different ‘tutors’, yet they were in a word, shit! Basic skills testing. Yes, I am now disabled curtesy of now living with MS , but I can still do the basics. 1+1 IS 2. I am not a Chaucer , Dickins , Orwell nor a Shakespeare , but I can write a bit (divvent need lessons n that like) all be it in my own style. However . The last opportunity to try for the same wo