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Leaning Walking. Who'd have thought a few decades ago this activity would end up trending so much, as of what, this millennia? This blog is of course about me and walking. I've never been a 'walker' , in that someone that loves walking. Hey, it is physically a great exercise itself, before adding on the other many potential benefits with it too. This country has a shit-load of beauty in it. To best experience that? Get into it! Walk around it. As a meditator , the walking opportunities can add, again, several benefits for both activities. Anyway, me. Me with MS. MS and walking . Oh how that can be different. Very different. Back to the title. Leaning . Well, recently - maybe starting the end of 2022ish - something struck me. As I have a great relationship with MSRRF , a PT I see to help with MS physicalities, made me realise that yes, I do lean backwards; normally. That itself aligns with something even said to me a good few years ago by a friend. I 'had a reason fo