Positive Affirmations - We Continue!

Positive Affirmations – We Continue!

Week 3 and straight to point. I do remember that the thinking of three positive affirmations wasn’t always that easy. Then the difficulty when had had a good week, was choosing what three!

1. England.

After that game I mentioned last weekEngland v Sweden – I am very happy to report (not really report!) on more success, in that WE WON!!!

Yes, Sweden were not very good at all, we weren’t at our finest either, but notably better and 2 goals to their none proved us as rightful victors! Goals from Dele Alli and Harry Maguire did the job!

SWE 0 – 2 ENG

A thoroughly enjoyable Saturday was had. Company, beer (moderation of course), BBQ, England winning!

Wednesday night coming – the 11th July 2018 – will prove to be our first World Cup semi-final for a meagre 28 years! Bobby Robson was then at the helm in Italy for Italia 90! That was brilliant and stressful itself. Don’t ask Gazza about it or you’ll get a yellow card too. Now though…

As I’ve said, Gareth is doing a sterling job; and has the waist-coat trending too! More football stress on the way.

Also trending is that “It’s coming home”! Yes! Here’s hoping!

2. Tattoo

No no no. Not an England tattoo! Each to their own. Not me. I have now however my 4th tattoo. Love or loath them (not me! I love mine) it’s going nowhere now.

That maybe a surprise to you; maybe not. May not care? Fair enough. The ones I have each one means something to me and they are all hidden too.
Quick story then.

#1. Pi;  mid-back. Love the visual of the symbol and it's meaning TO ME. My allegiance to numbers and that the actual number 3.14…. is random and infinite!

#2. Treble clef; Left ribs. Simply following the allegiance theme; to music.

#3. MS Ribbon. Right ribs. Hopefully fairly obvious as to the why!

#4.  Seize the day. After #MSessions2017 and Oceans of Hope 2018, my thought about this was confirmed. See an opportunity; grab it best you can, if you can!

Four tattoos in over 10 years is hardly living an/the addiction. Ahem. Finished?

3. Exercise

That one again. Well it is what it is and as strange as it may seem or sound – someone with MS exercising a lot – it is really that good for MSers. Tiring? Yes of course IF you do too much. Everyone with the condition suffers it differently. #NoTwoTheSame

Here’s the thing. Yes, one of, if not the most common symptoms IS fatigue, so why go to the gym? I and others I know find that the benefits are huge.

For example: Endorphins; bye fatigue, if only for a while. Pain; similar from and for both a physical point of view and mental. Movement; balance improvements; coordination; strength… I could go on.

Anyway!!!! Back from planet zog Roj. Semi-final night is not far off. “It’s coming home!” Next 3 will (hopefully) be about (not solely) World Cup Russia 2018 winners ENGLAND!

Thank you for reading. Hope you have enjoyed the three. Any improvements? Shout!


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