Positive Affirmations ACE

Positive Affirmations ACE

The weeks are flying by. (“PositiveAffirmation”; “PA”) PA4 already. Sign of good times? Within reason! Finding a few good things is beneficial!

I wonder what you may be thinking of these positive affirmations. They fit with something that was recently put to me during counselling. ACE. I’m no counsellor or psychologist yet I can relate to this ‘ACE’.

Achievement, Closeness, Enjoyment. So, for me (my blog obviously) this model makes sense. With that, parts of meditation too (see below), and exercise!

Knowing what I had in mind as to what I wanted, I had hopeful achievements planned.

1. Chillifest-ne

Being the chilli-lover that I am, ok maybe it is an addiction (the chemical compound of capsaicin that causes the burn; triggers endorphins in the brain(!?)) of sorts, when “North East Chilli Festival” began a few years ago, I simply HAD to go. I have been all but 1 since. Knowing that being out of super-hot chilli sauce… again I had to go. So I did!

As a man, I had a shopping list. I went, had a browse and several tastes, decided on what to buy, bought, job done. However!

“However”? Yes, that is word I may overUSE. That’s me. Procrastinate is more fitting here. Something I may overDO.

Aside from the chilli-area, there was a larger area around the corner.

What I mean is that with fair play to the festival, it has evolved a great deal and in the bigger picture into a festival of celebration with a music theme, supported with a chilli undertone?

Casting the mind back to the start, I think there was then a larger attendance of chilli stalls than now. Changed for the better? Due to where it takes place and that it’s a massive positive for the region, arguably yes!

There is now not only a ‘chilli’ vibe for the festival, but a genuine music vibe which is extraordinary really! Yes, I was surprised that the first area you hit on entrance was the ‘chilli area’ with a central area of collected stalls all about chilli. Also, in a tented area there was yet more chilli and linked produce too; for example, local butchers’ and their produce, bakers with breads….

The collective joining of what produce was on offer with respective family-friendly owners, it had a superb welcoming feeling; everywhere…

Then! Further into the festival area and around the corner was a considerably larger area! This had a music stand as the focal point with many other stalls around the arena area. Food and drink, with tables too. Festival!

I would have liked to have stayed for the day but I went for a reason, and it was World Cup 2018 final day. Just saying!

 2. Meditation

‘Morning Intention Setting Meditation’ was the title of the respective handout for the session / class. I knew of it in a looser sense from what I have read, listened to, watched… As I have said, actually being present in person and listening to an expert human is soooo much clearer.

Alarm, get up, routine starts for the day whatever it may be. Autonomous? Without much thought?

Blimey. I know that’s not everyone. Alarm to wake you up? I have only relied on said alarm twice in 10 months as I am usually awake by 5 anyway. These days in our manic lifestyle, little thought is actually given as to the day ahead. Some people anyway.

What can I say. A brief breakdown: Don’t rush. Maybe contemplate spending 5-10 minutes meditating, giving yourself a bit of time to think OF YOUR DAY.
  • Be thankful, it is your day
  • you’re in it to live it
  • be mindful of what may occur in the day
  • think about your input to it
  • what are the results and rewards?
  • and most importantly try to enjoy your day!!!

Prioritising? I am no guru in this meditation stuff whatsoever and could go on; but no! I have attended various related mindfulness and meditation presentations for years (MS related mostly) and I might look into what I could do to further this knowledge in the future. It’s an ambition I hope to fulfil.

3. Exercise

Another (tricky) session at Benmar House MSRRF with a Physical Trainer. Why? No reason other than it has a top MS focus helping with an abundance of things shall we say. It motivates me and helps with my physical symptoms of MS.

I am thankful my legs still work. Not as they used to; granted but I push through. I am VERY mindful of that and do what I can when I can.

Less walking, less exercise - muscle wastage can result. Hence why leg exercising is necessary.

Anyway! I had a great session that only improves mind, body and soul. I will continue as best I can.

There you have it. Ace!

As always, I do hope you get something from my patter. 3 isn’t hard to find. You must have 3 positives? See what you can do.


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