Walking. Who'd have thought a few decades ago this activity would end up trending so much, as of what, this millennia?

This blog is of course about me and walking. I've never been a 'walker', in that someone that loves walking. Hey, it is physically a great exercise itself, before adding on the other many potential benefits with it too.

This country has a shit-load of beauty in it. To best experience that? Get into it! Walk around it.

As a meditator, the walking opportunities can add, again, several benefits for both activities.

Anyway, me. Me with MS. MS and walking. Oh how that can be different. Very different.

Back to the title. Leaning. Well, recently - maybe starting the end of 2022ish - something struck me.

As I have a great relationship with MSRRF, a PT I see to help with MS physicalities, made me realise that yes, I do lean backwards; normally. That itself aligns with something even said to me a good few years ago by a friend. I 'had a reason for' that. So I thought.

Here's a potential channelling benefit. If I mentally try to lean forward when walking my best, on a day/time when I feel alright for it, I go faster!!! Who'd have thought 🤔😂!

But. With this fun condition there is usually and always a but. In this instance it’s a biggie. Many fold.

First thing

  • Balance. A huge MS challenge for many. Subconsciously "woah" negating a fall, so automatically slow down? Lean back again 😂



  • Posture. Something I am very, very, mindful of. Different blog!


So, all of these combined can be a mental burden. Perfectionist tit me!

Ooh, I could bleep on. 

What to do. Walk more? Accept the changes in the journey of MS progression? Fuck it and carry on?

I must say that the above relates to forward leaning, in a / from a literal 2-D perspective IF viewing from the side, where-as arguably the more common MS leaning is seen as a sideways lean. Hmmm. I understand that 100% too. My right side is my weaker side (a total sod as I am right-handed!) and with this, ‘naturally’ there is a lean. Meh. And overcompensation all ways.

No wonder we - PWMS (people with MS) - can look drunk (or even like walking on ice!) when far from!

It is not a fun condition, but can be laughed at!

That's all folks. Thanks for reading/skimming/looking, I'd love to any see comments and questions 🙂

Happy wobbling! 


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