PIP and Introversion?

PIP and Introversion?

I is back init! Well, that’s not a true for many a reason. Yes, I am back – writing a blog – for some reason.

A reason. As per the title mention of that bastard PIP ‘benefit’ and the negative affects it has had and is having on me. I’m writing now in a fairly negative mood; which is something I do not like being in.

Let’s go back some weeks ago. I returned home from a course of sorts – Living with a Long Term Health Condition, CBT type – to be welcomed to a brown envelope. I knew that was it, having spent 6 years living with post anxiety.
So, what that meant was for me to apply for the benefit, I had to phone and thereafter start to amass support evidence of and about me and my condition with its effects on me.

Being pretty clued-up with and about these shenanigans through my MS community involvement (locally, nationally, social media etc), I thought I was prepared.

Oh, my word. I did not realise just how much stress and anxiety that would follow in the initial following 7-10 days. Exactly what MS does NOT like.

I have since been for the ‘assessment’ and that was bloody hard work if I’m honest; now awaiting further ‘result’.

So, that’s my current state of play with PIP. I can not just ‘switch off’. Always on the mind somewhere.
Introversion? Nothing to celebrate about PIP. Only the polar opposite. This has me looking at time spent at home with little desire to change that. Seems that I am now more of an introvert!

Hey, maybe I’m just having a funny one.


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